Luxurious and Comfortable Small House Designs, a Must-Know!

03 Feb 2024

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With the ever-evolving world of architecture, many people are now interested in luxurious small house designs, especially in large cities, where land is becoming more expensive and limited. If you have a not-so-big plot of land, don't be discouraged! You can create a luxurious small house that is comfortable for your family. 

If you're looking for inspiration for luxurious small house designs, we have some tips for you. Let's check them out! If you're looking for inspiration for lavish small house designs, we have some tips for you. Let's check them out!

How to Arrange a Luxurious Small House

To make your small luxurious house look neat and clean, here are some tips on how to arrange it:

  1. Decluttering

You've probably heard of decluttering before. To organize your luxurious small house, regularly declutter by removing unnecessary items. This makes your space look more spacious. Items no longer used can be given away or sold in a garage sale to make a little profit!

  1. Utilize Multifunctional Furniture

Another way to arrange a small yet luxurious house is by utilizing multifunctional furniture. Beds, sofas, or tables with extra drawers or storage space underneath can increase storage in your small, luxurious home. 

  1. Using Boxes to Organize

To organize small items in your small luxurious house, use boxes. It's better to use large plastic boxes instead of cardboard, as plastic is more durable. Plastic boxes usually come with lids, and you can add a freshener, keeping your items smelling nice and ready for use when needed. 

  1. Bunk Beds

 For families with several children, arranging a luxurious small house can involve using bunk beds. If each child has their own bed, it can take up a lot of space. Therefore, using bunk beds not only saves space but can also include storage drawers. Use these drawers to store children's clothes. 

Tips for Building a Small yet Luxurious House

If you're planning to build a small but luxurious house, here are some tips for you:

  1. Choosing the Right Design

The first tip for building a luxurious small house is to choose the right design. There are various house types nowadays, such as minimalist modern designs. This choice helps anticipate any shortcomings or excesses in building materials during construction. Ensure you also hire reliable architects and builders to match your design expectations. 

  1. Color Choices

Another tip for building a small, luxurious house is to pay attention to the color choices for wall paint. To create a sense of spaciousness, use bright colors like white that can reflect light. Avoid dark-colored paint, which can make the room look cramped and absorb more heat. 

  1. Create Sufficiently High Ceilings

To make your small house look luxurious, consider creating high ceilings. Even with limited land, high ceilings can give the impression of an elegant and spacious home. High ceilings also improve air circulation. Additionally, add a hanging ceiling fan to decorate your luxurious small house. 

  1. Open Space Area

Another tip for building a luxurious small house is to add open space areas. This concept can make your house feel more expansive. To maximize open space areas in your small luxurious house, pay attention to lighting and furniture, and choose coordinating colors inside the rooms. 

  1. Use Granite for a Luxurious Look

To add a touch of luxury and modernity, use granite for your house's flooring. Polished granite floors can give your floors a shiny appearance. Products like MAGIA Granite, especially 'The Artisan Collection,' inspired by artisans worldwide, can enhance the overall look of your luxurious small house. Choose a granite design and color that suits your small luxurious house. 

Luxurious Small House Designs

For those with limited land, here are some luxurious small house designs for inspiration:

  1. Small Luxurious Minimalist House

Rumah Kecil Mewah Minimalis

You can use this minimalist luxury small house design as a reference for inspiration when building a house. As referenced in the picture above, you can create two floors to maximize space with limited land. 

  1. Small Luxurious House with Slanting Roofs

Another luxurious small house inspiration is a house with a slanting roof. You may not see this type of house often, but the beautiful design can be emulated. Use white wall paint to make the exterior look even more spacious. 

  1. All-White Luxurious Minimalist House

The next inspiration is a small, luxurious, all-white house with a flat roof. In this house, you can see ample windows, allowing light to enter. Furthermore, glass doors and good lighting can make this small luxury house look spacious and elegant. 

  1. Single-Story Minimalist House

Fans of shabby chic colors can use this house as a reference for your luxurious small house. Even with limited land, this house can accommodate a car. The matching furniture, like the living room chairs, tables, etc, makes the house look astonishing. 

  1. Luxurious Small House with Wooden Accents

If you prefer different colors, you can add wooden accents to the exterior of your small luxurious house to accentuate the luxurious feel. Use wide windows to save electricity during the day, like the picture above. 

That concludes our discussion on cozy, luxurious small house designs. To add a luxurious and elegant feel to your home, consider using MAGIA Granite. Contact us for more information. We hope you find this information helpful!



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