Art Deco Interior, 1920's Inspired Luxury Homes

27 May 2024

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Emerging in the 1920s, art deco, an interior design style, stands as a testament to luxury, elegance, and innovation. Characterized by its sharp, symmetrical geometric lines, art deco offers a visually striking and awe-inspiring experience. Art deco interior design seamlessly blends classical elements with modern touches, creating a look that is both elegant and timeless.

Hallmarks of Art Deco

1. Embracing Luxurious Materials

Art deco is distinguished by its use of luxurious materials, such as granite, glass, and stainless steel. These materials exude opulence and class, elevating the ambiance of any living space.

2. Bold and Exotic Adornments

Art deco is renowned for its bold and exotic adornments, featuring geometric motifs, sharp lines, zig-zags, and intricate carvings. These elements add a unique and captivating dimension to interior design.

3. Rich and Contrasting Colors

Rich colors like gold, silver, navy blue, maroon, and black are frequently employed in art deco interiors. The contrast between dark and light hues creates a dramatic and elegant aesthetic.

Art Deco Furnishings

1. Oversized Furniture

Furniture in art deco interior design tends to be oversized and sturdy. Plush sofas in dark fabrics, coffee tables with bold legs, and cabinets adorned with intricate carvings are common examples of art deco furniture.

2. Elegant Lighting

Elegantly designed chandeliers and pendant lights are crucial elements in art deco interiors. These lighting fixtures often serve as focal points and add a touch of luxury to the living space.

3. Wallpaper and Carpets

Incorporating wallpaper with bold geometric patterns and carpets with striking designs is an excellent way to introduce art deco flair into a living space. Choosing the right motifs and colors will make a strong statement in your interior design.

Selecting the Perfect Art Deco Granite Tiles

1. Opt for Geometric or Exotic Natural Motifs

Art deco design is known for its sharp, symmetrical geometric motifs. Choose granite tiles with geometric patterns like vertical lines, circles, or triangles to align with this style's aesthetic.

Alternatively, exotic natural motifs like palm leaves, flowers, or birds are also commonly used in art deco design. Granite tiles featuring these motifs add an elegant touch of nature to the space.

2. Consider the Art Deco Color Palette

Color plays a pivotal role in art deco design. Ensure that the granite tiles you select feature colors that harmonize with the art deco color palette, such as maroon, navy blue, gold, and black. Rich and contrasting color choices will help create a luxurious and dramatic ambiance in the room.

3. Determine the Right Finishing

Granite tile finishing is an essential aspect to consider when crafting an authentic art deco atmosphere. Polished granite can achieve a highly luxurious and gleaming appearance, aligning with art deco's emphasis on opulence and elegance.

On the other hand, honed granite offers a more natural and elegant look compared to polished granite. It is well-suited for creating a calmer and more relaxed atmosphere in an art deco space. While not as shiny as polished, honed finishes have better scratch and wear resistance, making them a suitable choice for high-traffic areas.

By paying close attention to the characteristics and essential elements of art deco design, you can create captivating and unforgettable spaces. From utilizing luxurious materials to selecting the right furniture, every detail contributes to establishing the ambiance that aligns with your desired style.

After reading this article, you can embark on a journey towards achieving your dream 1920s-inspired luxury abode. Explore MAGIA Granite's Japandi collection, offering a wide array of granite tiles with geometric motifs and rich colors that perfectly capture the essence of art deco aesthetics.

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