Take a Peek! 11 Comfortable Classic Luxury Home Inspirations

13 Apr 2024

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Classic architects have captured attention from ancient times to the present and greatly influenced modern architecture. Especially in today's era, many conglomerates, often called 'Sultans,' adopt luxurious European classic concepts in their residences.

If you're interested in having a European-style classic luxury home, the following article will provide you with 11 classic luxury home inspirations to make you feel like a Sultan!

Elegant Luxury Home Decoration Tips

Various design elements need to be considered when aiming for luxurious home decoration. According to New York-based interior designer Tali Roth, ivory white is always recommended for luxurious home decoration.

Ivory white has a unique allure as it never goes out of style and is an easy choice for creating luxurious home decor. Additionally, there are other tips that can help make a luxurious and elegant home appearance.

  1. Lighting

One crucial aspect of creating a classic luxurious house interior atmosphere is lighting. Proper lighting can make a room's environment more cozy or dramatic by creating light and shadow effects. Good lighting is the key to achieving luxurious home decoration. You can utilize two types of lighting: natural light and lamps.

  1. Curtains

 Furthermore, using curtains can also add an elegant touch to home decoration. Ceiling curtains can highly impact a room visually, adding dimension and a luxurious impression.

  1. Paintings

Paintings are an integral part of creating a luxurious atmosphere. Placing paintings at the right eye level can add beauty to the room, capturing the attention of those who see it and becoming a prominent decorative element.

Reasons Why Classic Homes are Desired in Indonesia

Classic homes are desired in Indonesia because they possess certain attractions and unique qualities that captivate many people. Some reasons why classic homes are desired in Indonesia include:

  1. Exclusive

The exclusive impression of classic homes is a primary reason affluent individuals choose them as their dream homes. The uniqueness of classic-style homes is evident in their luxurious appearance, grand exterior with natural travertine stone, tall ceilings with striking pillars, and chandeliers in almost every room. All these elements contribute to an exclusive aura rarely found in other home styles.

  1.  Prestigious

Living in a classic-style luxury home also gives occupants a prestigious social status. In a society that constantly observes and judges, residing in a classic house presents a memorable impression to its occupants. People around them will unconsciously appreciate those living in classic homes, using terms like 'elite,' 'successful individuals,' or 'wealthy people.' This makes residents of classic homes feel more respected and recognized by the surrounding community.

  1. High Artistic Value

Classic-style buildings are considered to have high artistic value. With a dominance of white color and symmetrical exterior design complemented by ornaments, pediments, and prominent pillars, classic homes appear very aesthetic, elegant, grand, and luxurious. Every element in a classic home is designed with detail, creating a charming appearance from the outside and inside. The beauty and artistic value are classic-style homes' main attractions and advantages.

  1. High Economic Value

Classic homes have high economic value. The use of premium materials such as travertine and artistic touches on floors, walls, ceilings, and decorations like pediments, chandeliers, and wall lamps make the construction cost of classic homes higher than other styles. Due to the complexity of design and the use of premium materials, classic homes have high value and quality, making them more expensive. As a result, classic homes can be valuable assets and promising property investments.

Classic Luxury Home Inspirations

Suppose you want a luxurious residence with a classic European style. In that case, you can find inspiration from the following article that discusses 11 modern classic luxury homes that will make you feel like a Sultan!

  1. Classic European Mediterranean Luxury Home

The inspiration for classic luxury homes with a European Mediterranean style is characterized by a design that includes tall buildings, generally not exceeding two floors. Additionally, Mediterranean-style homes have spacious front and back yards bordered by high fences. The front yard usually has decorations such as small statues and garden ornaments. Earth-tone colors or natural colors are used for the palette of Mediterranean-style homes.

  1. Classic European Luxury Home Stone Veneer

Using natural stone as a decorative element in homes eliminates the need to paint walls, as it provides beauty and a sleek impression to the home. Additionally, adding a small garden around the house enhances the front appearance, creating a fresh and charming atmosphere.

  1. Classic European Luxury Home with Large Balcony

Classic European luxury homes with three levels have one large balcony on the second floor and two small balconies on the second and third floors. A spacious balcony adds a luxurious impression to the European-style house.

  1. Classic European Luxury Pool House

Providing a swimming pool in the yard of a luxury European-style home is a very appropriate decision. A pool in the yard adds a luxurious touch to the home's appearance and creates a holiday-like atmosphere that can be enjoyed at any time.

  1. Classic European Luxury Home with Spacious Garden

Many people dream of having a grand house with a large yard. The existence of a large and luxurious European-style building is complemented by open space. This spacious yard can create a garden, fountain, or pond that adds beauty and a calming atmosphere to the residence.

  1. Classic European 'Sultan' Luxury Home

The exterior appearance of luxury European style 'Sultan' homes is often characterized by sturdy and prominent architecture, large pillars adorning the front of the building, and artistic ornaments such as pediments and small statues adding a classic touch to the structure. The interior of a luxury European style 'Sultan' home also depicts luxury with elegant furniture and decorations. 

  1. Contemporary Classic European Luxury Home

Classic European-style homes with a contemporary touch showcase striking luxury and grandeur with large doors and windows arched at the top. The appearance of such homes often becomes a favorite choice for lovers of European architectural design due to their captivating beauty and extravagant impression.

  1. Classic European Luxury Home Country Style 

This design could be an interesting option if you plan to build a minimalist home with a luxurious European style. European country-style homes have distinctive tall buildings and sloping roofs. This roof shape provides a balanced and beautiful impression of the house.

  1. Classic European Luxury Home with Large Windows

Large windows are often used in luxurious, classic European-style homes. These large windows provide natural light to the rooms, saving energy. Additionally, large windows give the impression of a large, spacious, and luxurious home.

  1. White Classic European Luxury Home

The overall choice of a white color scheme for the house creates a clear, elegant impression. The pillars at the front of the home add a classic luxurious touch. White is considered timeless as current trends do not influence it.

  1. Classic European Luxury Home with Large Pillars

Large pillars, painted in bright colors like white and placed at the exterior corners of the house or aligned in a row, are characteristic features of classic homes. These large pillars often become icons that depict luxury in homes with a classic European ambiance.

In conclusion, these are 11 classic luxury home inspirations that are comfortable. To create a dream home with a classic style, one can combine traditional beauty with modern facilities, achieving harmony between classic luxury and comfort suited to the practicality of the present era. Find a variety of complete home options here.

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