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20 May 2024

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Having a luxurious interior is a dream for many people, but only some have the opportunity to make it a reality. Therefore, interior design plays a crucial role in creating a captivating atmosphere within a home. However, you don't have to worry, as you can still create a stunning look in a limited space with a luxurious interior design. 

Even though it's only through a visual display on the screen, you can feel the sensation of being in a luxurious home. The luxurious home interior design ideas presented below are easy to follow. Pay close attention to the details to apply these ideas to your home. Check out the beautiful interior designs of a luxurious house!


Tips on Maximizing a Luxurious House Interior
Owning a luxurious house requires special attention and care to maximize the interior design. However, it doesn't always mean filling the house with luxurious items. Here are some tips to optimize the interior of a luxurious home that you can apply:

Focus on Important Aspects

In the modern era, people usually prefer a minimalist style as it allows them to focus on important aspects, especially within the home. If you have a spacious, luxurious house, you can highlight the interior shape through an open space concept. This concept aims to simplify lines, shapes, details, decorations, and colors and reduce furniture inside.


For example, using a long sofa and a wide living room table creates a spacious and uncluttered look. In the family room, place a sizeable plush carpet, a couch, and a widescreen TV in the open and integrated space with the dining area. 

  1. Atur Furnitur dengan Selektif

For your luxurious house, the quality and value of your chosen furniture should be chosen selectively. Choosing sustainable furniture is brilliant for creating a minimalist, luxurious house interior. It is known that a modern minimalist lifestyle positively supports a sustainable environment.

Take note of the furniture's quality, durability, and functionality, such as sofas, tables, and cabinets in the family room. Does the product we choose have prime quality, long-lasting durability, and function optimally for an extended period? This can be implemented by displaying luxurious-looking furniture pieces in the living room, which adds a spacious and elegant impression.

  1. Choose High-Quality Decorative Materials

To create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere in your house, choosing high-quality decorations is important. You can spend time and effort in selecting decorations that meet high-quality standards. Choose furniture with high-quality materials, such as solid wood or genuine leather, which gives a luxurious impression.  

Pay attention to the details, such as carvings or unique designs, to add a luxurious touch to your house interior that guarantees high-quality furniture. Having a luxurious home is not just about selecting luxurious furniture but also about durability and high-quality decorations. 

Use of Luxury Home Interior Material

Making a house look luxurious is more than just an attractive building or displaying branded items. Nowadays, using certain types of materials can also make a house look luxurious and more elegant. Here are three materials that can make a house look luxurious:

  1. Granite

Granite has natural properties that make it a lovely choice for creating a luxurious look in the interior design of a house. Granite is known for its high resistance to scratches, stains, and heat, maintaining its luxurious appearance over time. Granite with various patterns and colors adds an exclusive and elegant touch to the room, especially when carefully chosen and aligned with the overall house design.

  1.  Wood

Wood is a commonly used material in the interior design of a house to create a warm, natural, and luxurious atmosphere. The use of wood effectively provides a classic and elegant aesthetic. The material gives a luxurious feel to your home. Some commonly used types of wood in the construction of luxurious houses are teak wood and Merbau wood.

  1. Glass

The use of glass in interior design is popular as it can create an elegant, modern, and luxurious look. Glass provides a transparent effect that allows you to traverse across rooms, creating a sense of spaciousness or open space. Additionally, glass allows natural light to enter the room, creating maximum lighting effects and a bright and cheerful atmosphere. Therefore, interior design frequently uses glass to create an attractive and aesthetic look.

Selection of Color Palettes in Luxurious House Interior

House paint colors have an important role in setting the atmosphere in your luxury home. It is known that modern styles tend to lean towards neutral, soft palettes, avoiding bold and attention-grabbing colors. Although appearing plain and muted, here are some luxurious minimalistic color combinations that can be used as references:

  1.  Beige & Maroon / Passion Red

Beige reflects elegance, purity, innocence, a new beginning, cleanliness, and clarity. This color can be used throughout the house. Meanwhile, Maroon or Passion Red adds a touch of passion and warmth, creating a charming contrast with Beige. The Red tone, the root color of MAGIA Granite's identity, brings courage and a unique character to the interior space.

Beige color reflects classy simplicity, while Maroon or Passion Red symbolizes courage and success. The combination of the two colors gives the impression that the house's interior is not only a place to live but also symbolizes an exclusive and prestigious lifestyle. By using this color palette, the luxury home becomes a place that embodies elegance, warmth, and accomplishment, which reflects MAGIA Granite's ever-appealing identity.

 Monochrome Colors (Beige, Cream, Grey, Coral, Nude Warm)

The soft cream colors are suitable when paired with a touch of forest green. This combination can provide a natural and calm vibe to the room. For example, if you want a serene and calming dining room atmosphere, combining earthy brown tones on wooden dining tables and chairs can complement the cream-colored walls. Decorate the room with green nuances, such as placing potted plants, flower vases, or nature-themed paintings with green tones in the luxurious house dining room.

  1.  White and Teal

Highlight white tones with several light coral colors like teal. This color palette combination will create a peaceful summer aura in a luxurious minimalist home. Apart from being soothing, the contrast of this color combination also appears bright and refreshing. It is suitable if applied to your luxurious home if you desire bright lighting and a more spacious look.

Luxurious Interior House Designs

Here are some modern and contemporary luxurious house interior design ideas. You can find the list of beautiful, luxurious house interior designs below!

  1.  Desain Interior Rumah Mewah Art Deco

The latest popular luxury home design style is the modern artistic theme. The use of geometric form decorations such as unique paintings on the living room wall, crystal chandeliers, and elegant contrasting-colored furniture with gold accents surrounds them. Decorative furniture for a house like this tends to be classically luxurious but still timeless and far from looking outdated.

Combine boldly colored furniture like mustard, navy blue, dark green and calm colors like white and beige. Like some of the homes of top artists, you will find an attractive space like no other in this luxurious residence. Add large glass vases with bright-colored flowers or beautiful flowers such as lilies, tulips, or orchids as decorations. These flowers are beautiful, artistic, and elegant for decoration in your luxurious home.

  1.  Desain Interior Rumah Mewah Nuansa Sederhana

Luxurious houses are not always associated with simple designs or tall buildings like skyscrapers. Sometimes, a luxurious home has a simple yet high-quality interior design. Simplicity in the interior of a modern luxurious house can be realized through the selection of furniture and decorations. You can choose soft, calm colors or use relatively simple furniture. 

This interior design suits those who want a minimalist style and avoid excessive decorations. This minimalist and simple style can be applied to every room, including the bedroom. A bedroom with minimal furniture mixed with a soft monochrome bed, calm-colored sheets and pillows, dim bedside lamps, and minimal bedroom decorations will create a spacious and uncluttered look..

  1. Modern Mediterranean Luxurious Interior House Design

A luxurious house with a natural atmosphere allows you to enjoy the freshness of nature in your interior. For example, the interior of the dining room in a luxurious house can be applied with a sturdy wooden table and chairs, providing a beautiful decoration for a room dominated by open and wide glass windows. The thick wooden table, soft chairs, and large glass windows offer an aesthetically alluring atmosphere.

Suitable decorations for the Modern Mediterranean-themed room include transparent vases containing stones and green or brightly colored flowers as ornaments, iron material chandeliers, wooden ornaments in the room, and warm earthy colors like white, cream, brown, orange, blue, and green. You can place decorative lights for lighting to enhance the peaceful atmosphere in the room. In addition to the dining room, the interior decoration of a luxurious house with a design like the picture above is perfect when applied with transparent glass in the house's side rooms, so you can immediately enjoy the outdoor scenery.

  1. Warm Luxurious House Interior Design

This interior design looks more modern but creates a warm and homey impression. This is also suitable for luxurious houses in cold regions such as highlands. In the family room, there should be a luxurious sofa neatly arranged. The interior design is impressive, with consistent color tones, compelling decorations on the wall, and unique chandeliers. 

By adding wall decorations such as paintings, the warm atmosphere complements the elegance of the family room. Also, you can install a fireplace as a source of warmth when the temperature is cold, a spot where you and your family can gather while exchanging stories. 

  1. Classic Luxurious House Interior Design

The interior design of a luxurious house that is most associated with everyone's imagination is a classic look. The classic style is timeless. Besides giving a luxurious impression, the classic style depicts an elegant and exclusive atmosphere. This interior design model can be applied to every room, including the bathroom. In this room, it can be equipped with a shower and a bathtub for soaking. A water heater can be added to make the bathroom more comfortable.

The interior design is luxurious, emphasizing bright-toned granite floors that look exclusive and elegant. The choice of white as the base color with a combination of several colors, such as golden tones, presents a modern atmosphere in this room. This interior design is suitable for application in luxurious houses in urban environments.

Here are some information about beautiful luxurious interior house designs. In addition to appearing luxurious, the interior must adhere to some appropriate principles to avoid an imbalance between the luxury of the house and the interior design within your luxurious residence. Hopefully, this article can inspire you!



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