Take a Peek! Important Information on Luxurious Minimalist Home Designs

18 May 2024

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You can now consider many home designs as a reference for your dream home renovation. One of them is the minimalist luxury home design. As we know, land in urban areas is limited and expensive nowadays. However, it's worth creating a luxurious home on a minimalistic plot. Nevertheless, you can utilize the available space to build your dream residence. 

Below are minimalist luxury home designs that could be recommendations for you. Let's take a look!

Tips for Building a Minimalist Luxury Home

Many people nowadays appreciate modern minimalist luxury home designs. You can still create a modern and luxurious home with limited space. Here are tips for building a minimalist luxury home. What are they? Let's find out!


Before building a minimalist luxury home, you must plan and envision the concept first. Do you want an industrial minimalist style or a Scandinavian style? Knowing your desired concept will help you choose the ideal and suitable wall paint colors and building materials. 

  1. Using Granite Flooring

For those aiming for a minimalist luxury home, consider granite as the flooring option. Granite floors are sturdy and add a touch of luxury to the home. Moreover, granite floors come in various patterns and colors that can be matched with the interior and exterior of the house, like MAGIA Granite, which has a Victorian-style character that can make your home feel elegant.  

  1. Create a Multifunctional Minimalist Luxury Home

With limited space, you need to design a multifunctional, minimalist luxury home. The kitchen and dining areas are typically separated, but you can combine them to save space. Additionally, consider creating an open space inside to make the minimalist luxury home feel spacious. 

Advantages of Minimalist Luxury Homes

So, what are the advantages of minimalist luxury homes? Why do people love this design? Let's find out!

  1. Easy to Clean

People love minimalist homes because they are easier to clean. With a compact structure, homeowners spend little time cleaning the floors. Minimalist luxury homes are suitable for busy individuals with limited time for housekeeping. 

  1. Long-Term Investment

For those thinking about long-term investments, a home is a valuable asset. A home's value increases over time, and building a minimalist luxury home can be a wise investment for the future and your family. To maintain the home's value, take good care of it and address any necessary repairs promptly. 

  1. Comfortable Atmosphere

Owning a minimalist luxury home provides a comfortable atmosphere for the family. Minimalist homes, with bright colors, aesthetic designs, and minimal furniture, prevent the space from feeling cramped. 

Minimalist Luxury Home Designs

Here are some minimalist luxury home design inspirations for you to consider:

  1. All-White Minimalist Luxury Home

For those who love bright colors, consider an all-white minimalist luxury home. With an open space concept, your home will appear more spacious. Add warm-colored lights for a beautiful look at night.

  1. Three-Story Minimalist Luxury Home

If you have a large family, think about building a three-story minimalist luxury home. The

  1. Minimalist Luxury Home with a Swimming Pool

Another inspiration is a minimalist luxury home with a swimming pool. Even with limited space, you can create a pool in front of the house. Enhance the atmosphere by placing outdoor furniture near the pool and a small garden. Granite should also be used for the pool area as it is water-resistant and reduces the chance of slipping. 

  1. Single-Story Minimalist Luxury Home

Consider a single-story minimalist luxury home if you prefer to avoid dealing with stairs. As shown in the picture, the carport can accommodate two cars. You will only spend a little time cleaning with a one-story minimalist home, making it very practical.

Thus, this concludes our discussion of important information about minimalist luxury home designs. Which home inspiration appeals to you? For those planning or building a minimalist luxury home, consider MAGIA Granite products suitable for your minimalist home style and elegant furniture. I hope it's helpful!


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