Tips for Selecting the Perfect Floor and Trendy Granite Wall Hues for The Bedroom

30 Mar 2024

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Most of our time is spent in the bedroom, so it's worth making it comfortable. One way to do that is by renovating the bedroom and using granite as floors and walls. As we know, granite is a durable material that adds luxury to the bedroom. There are many patterns and colors to match your preferences. 

So, what are the tips for choosing bedroom floors? Here is a detailed review. Let's take a look!

Tips for Choosing Granite Floors for the Bedroom

Here are some tips for those planning to use granite floors in the bedroom. 

  1. Choosing Suitable Colors

When choosing granite floors for the bedroom, select colors that match. If you've already purchased furniture such as wardrobes, beds, dressing tables, and others, make sure the chosen granite floor complements the existing furniture. For example, if your bedroom items have soft colors, you can match the floor with MAGIA Granite, where the latest collection, "The Artisan Collection," offers elegant design variations.

  1. Granite Surface Type

Currently, there are various types of granite surfaces to choose from. There's an unpolished satin finish, making the granite non-slip, and the polished (glossy polished) surface gives the floor a shiny appearance. The unpolished finish is suitable for wet areas like bathrooms, while polished granite is suitable for dry areas like bedrooms, living rooms, etc. 

  1. Avoid Online Shops

Although online shops are prevalent, avoid buying granite through online shops. The color seen in pictures may differ from the actual appearance. Viewing granite floors in person is important to get a realistic idea. Granite can be challenging to photograph due to its subtle color and reflective spots. 

Popular Bedroom Granite Colors

Granite isn't just for your floors, you can also use it for bedroom walls. What are the popular granite wall colors for the bedroom? Let's see!

  1. Beige

The first popular granite wall color for the bedroom is beige. This color can be paired with wooden furniture in your bedroom. For example, the polished Carnelian Beige from MAGIA Granite's "The Artisan Collection" gives your bedroom a glossy and elegant look. 

  1. Black or White

Black or white is often people's favorite choice for granite. White gives a clean impression and makes the bedroom look spacious, while black is elegant and usually goes well with any color. So, which granite wall color do you prefer, black or white?

  1. Gray

Another popular color for bedroom walls is gray. You can find this color in the market and pair it with soft-colored bedroom furniture or other natural colors like wood or sand. MAGIA Granite's 'The Stylist Collection' with Truzzo Gris color, inspired by bold natural stone colors, will make your bedroom stunning. 

Varieties of Granite Finishes

Granite itself has various finishes! Here are the types of granite finishes available in the market:

  1. Polished

The first type of granite finish is polished, providing a shiny appearance. Polished granite has a mirror effect and undergoes a long polishing process, making the floor shine. Polished floors are suitable for dry areas like the living room, bedroom, or sink. Maintenance is relatively easy but can be slippery when wet, so be cautious!

  1. Unpolished Satin

Granite floors with an Unpolished Satin touch offer a soft and smooth texture, often referred to as smooth as a baby's skin. This smoothness adds an elegant and modern impression to the room. Satin Unpolished granite floors do not have a striking shine like polished granite but showcase their natural beauty in a more subdued style. 

  1. Brushed Granite

The next granite finish is brushed, where the surface appears partially even. Granite with this finish leaves a smooth stone texture and is less slippery than polished granite. This type of granite finish is suitable for corridors or other dry areas in the house. 


In summary, we've wrapped up our conversation on tips for choosing the perfect flooring and stylish granite wall colors for your bedroom. Consider MAGIA Granite floors to infuse luxury and elegance into your bedroom. We trust this information has been beneficial!


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