The Best and Coolest Industrial Cafe Design Ideas!

06 Apr 2024

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The unfinished or industrial design style is one of the most popular and frequently used design concepts in cafe architecture and interior. This concept provides a sense of freedom, casualness, and simplicity that reflects the youthful spirit. Modern and comfortable cafe interior designs are often sought after, especially by millennials. Industrial cafe interior design is highly favored for its stylish, trendy look and suitability for social media uploads.

A cafe's interior design significantly impacts the number of visitors, especially among millennials. If you can beautifully and comfortably design the interior of your cafe, visitors will feel at ease to return and even become regular customers. But what exactly is industrial cafe interior design, and what are its characteristics? Let's explore this further in the following review!

What is Industrial Cafe Design?

Industrial cafe design is a modern style often associated with interior concepts that expose the structural elements of a building. Typically, industrial design gives the impression of an interior that appears unfinished or "half-done" yet still offers a combination of beautiful and edgy looks.

Fundamentally, industrial cafe design refers to design concepts in architecture and interior that showcase more raw elements. In industrial-style design, architectural elements of the building are intentionally left visible without excessive finishing. The industrial concept is popular and unique, presenting an unconventional yet visually appealing appearance. Therefore, many cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops adopt this style.

Characteristics of Industrial Cafe Design

Industrial design is synonymous with the interior style of 19th-century industrial factories. This design concept comprises large lamp models, exposed concrete wall materials, open ceilings displaying roof frameworks, and a factory ambiance. Nowadays, industrial cafe design is often combined with modern and minimalistic concepts to create an elegant impression, making it increasingly popular in various countries, including Indonesia. For example, granite tiles can be added to enhance and cool the space. To find out the characteristics of industrial cafe design, check out the following list:

  1. Exposed Ceilings and Cafe Walls

Industrial-themed cafe designs often use walls that appear unfinished. The ceiling in this interior design type showcases structural elements such as the roof framework. Additionally, pipe channels on the ceiling can also be visible, providing a unique and warm yet modern interior appearance. Typically, cafe ceilings are built high with optimal lighting elements.

  1. Unique Industrial Lighting

Besides tables and chairs, industrial-design cafes require glamorous lighting. Aside from natural light, cafes of this design often need artificial lights to illuminate dark corners, especially at night. Industrial-style lights typically have a specific characteristic, such as simple pendant lights resembling large glowing bulbs used in old factories. Industrial-style lights commonly use black hollow iron lampshades. The yellowish glow of these lights creates a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of home while enjoying meals in an industrial-designed cafe. The light color also adds comfort to the cafe.

  1. Unique Furniture Materials

Materials used for furniture and decorations in cafes with industrial designs must strongly represent the industrial concept. The main characteristic of the industrial concept is the selection of materials with strong character, durability, and functional recyclability. Furniture materials can be made from industrial materials like hollow or concrete iron. Avoid using luxurious materials like marble when implementing this concept.  

The industrial concept with other materials for cafe furniture, such as metal, aluminium, wood, and stone, is a perfect combination. The uniqueness of industrial-designed cafes also lies in the use of furniture. For example, wooden tables that resemble factory packaging boxes stand out. Wooden decorations like vintage-style fans can also be displayed to add a unique and vintage feel.

  1. Dark-Colored Walls

Color is a crucial component in illustrating concepts. The most commonly used colors in industrial cafe concepts are gray, cream, and natural brick. These colors blend well with both furniture and exposed iron materials. Usually, gray color gives an elegant impression when combined with yellowish light. 

For example, gray can be combined with black or white furniture, maintaining neutrality when paired with other colored materials. Remember that the use of white in the industrial concept is very rare. Additional tips for dark-colored walls in industrial-designed cafes include adding light and shadow gradations through artwork and decorations and fresh green plant ornaments. The goal is to make the room look more lively.

Industrial Cafe Design Ideas

Industrial-themed cafe designs are believed to attract visitors' interest. Ensuring guest comfort is not easy, but it can be done by applying examples of cafe concepts that suit trends. What are some popular industrial cafe design ideas used today?

  1. Minimalist Industrial Cafe Design

Modern industrial cafe concepts can also be created in brighter colors like white, brown, or cream. This look makes the cafe interior design appear clean and minimalistic. The fun part of applying the minimalist, industrial style to a cafe is that you can bring in a few decorations. Place small green plants on each table and decorate the walls with photo frames or famous quotes. 

For the floor, you can choose bright granite with a color similar to the walls. The elements are minimal, but the industrial ambiance remains. For the floor, some empty spaces can be covered with hexagonal white ceramic tiles, while others are left as concrete floors. To make guests more comfortable, you can install white walls with bright wooden planks for a warmer atmosphere.

  1. Industrial Cafe Design with Wood and Brick Accents

For social media enthusiasts, you will surely get the best photo lighting here and enjoy creating content or doing work. You can also introduce wooden elements on some pillars, even as a display area. The atmosphere becomes warmer with dim lighting, but it can keep visitors comfortable and allow them to order continuously without discomfort. 

The exposed brick is left without a concrete coating and is only painted gray. The ceiling is covered using natural-colored wooden beams with pipe ornament accents. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable, with large windows for natural light. Not only concrete and cement floors can be exposed in the industrial cafe concept, but granite tiles can also be combined with industrial design because, besides cooling the room, granite tiles have strong durability and are easy to clean. This industrial-style cafe inspiration is guaranteed to keep your cafe bustling with visitors!

  1. Serene Industrial Cafe Design

Industrial cafe design ideas have also ventured into outdoor areas in this era. To add a serene atmosphere, you can showcase decorations such as hanging plants or wooden pots in the corner of tables or on the brick walls. These plant decorations can be added by planting them in soil incorporated with concrete floors or wooden ornaments. The result is that the plants will grow through the wall. Interesting, isn't it?

An industrial-style cafe must have an outdoor area so that people can enjoy the cool breeze and sunlight in the afternoon or morning, the perfect time to sip your warm coffee. Industrial-style cafes in outdoor areas are synonymous with permanent benches made of concrete or wood. The walls have unique patterns or additional climbing green plant ornaments, maximizing the serene and cool impression of being in your front yard. Even though it's outdoor, granite can still be used as a flooring option as it can withstand scratches and is easy to polish. 


Thus, Here are the trending and incredibly cool industrial cafe design ideas. Cafes have become very popular hangout spots, especially among young people. Recently, people's enthusiasm for visiting cafes has been for food and drinks and finding photo spots for social media posts. 

Therefore, cafe architecture and interior design have become essential elements in building a cafe that attracts many visitors. You can also take advantage of the beauty of MAGIA Granite for industrial cafe design ideas. Feel free to contact us for more information. Hopefully, this information will be useful to you!


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