Comfortable, Luxurious Small House Design: You Must Know!

03 Feb 2024

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As the architectural world develops, many people are now interested in luxury small house designs. Nowadays, especially in big cities, land is increasingly expensive and limited. For those of you who don't have a big space, don't be discouraged yet! Because you can also make a small house luxurious but still comfortable for the family.

For those of you who are looking for inspiration for small luxury house designs, we have tips for you. Come on, check it out!

How to Arrange a Luxurious Small House

To make your home look neat and clean, below are tips on how to organize your small luxury home:

1. Decluttering

Maybe you have often heard of the term decluttering. So that your small luxury home is neatly organized, you can declutter regularly. Get rid of items that you feel are unnecessary and unused, so that the room in your small luxury home looks more spacious. You can give away items at home that you no longer use to other people or open a garage sale, so you can also make money!

2. Maximize multifunctional furniture

The next way to organize a luxurious but small house is to maximize multifunctional furniture. Maybe you've seen beds, sofas, or tables that are equipped with additional drawers underneath to store things. So, use this furniture effectively to increase storage space in your small luxury home.

3. Use boxes to sort items

To sort small items in a small luxury house, you can use boxes. It would be better if you used a large plastic box rather than a cardboard box. Because cardboard will be damaged more quickly and plastic boxes are equipped with lids, you can also add freshener when closing the box to keep the items smelling good and ready to use when you need them later.

4. Use bunk beds

For families who have quite a lot of children, the best way to organize a small luxury house is to use bunk beds. If children have their own beds, this will take up more space in your house. Therefore, use a bunk bed to make the room look spacious. Nowadays, bunk beds are usually equipped with storage drawers. Use the drawer to store children's clothes.

Tips for Building a Small but Luxurious House

For those of you who want to build a small but luxurious house, below are some tips for you. Come on, check it out!

1. Choose the right design

The first tip for building a small luxury house is to choose the right design. Currently, there are many types of houses, such as modern minimalists and others. This is to anticipate insufficient or excess building materials during construction later. In order to meet the expectations of your chosen design, you also need to ensure the services of a trusted architect and builder.

2. Pay attention to your color choices

Tips for building a small but luxurious house are to pay attention to the choice of wall paint color. To make your house feel spacious, you can use colors that tend to be bright, such as white, which can reflect light. Avoid dark-colored paint, because this color makes the room look narrow and can absorb more heat.

3. Make the ceiling high enough

To make your small house look luxurious, you can consider adding a high ceiling. Even though your land is narrow with high ceilings, you can give the impression of a luxurious and spacious home. This high ceiling can also improve air circulation, you know! Also, add a ceiling fan to beautify the space in your small luxury home.

4. Add open space

The next tip for building a small luxury house is to add open space to the house. This open-space concept can make your home more spacious. To maximize the open space in your small luxury home, also pay attention to lighting, furniture, and choosing matching colors in the room.

5. Use granite to look luxurious

To add a majestic and modern impression, use granite material on the floors of your home. With granite material that has been polished in such a way, your floor can look shiny. Like products from Magia Granite, Magia, one of whose collections is 'The Artisan Collection', is inspired by craftsmen around the world. Make sure you choose a granite design and color that suits your small luxury home.

Luxury Small House Design

For those of you who have limited land, here is a small luxury house design as inspiration:

1. Minimalist luxury small house

Rumah Kecil Mewah Minimalis

You can use this minimalist luxury small house design as a reference for inspiration when building a house. With narrow land, you can make two floors, as in the picture above, to add more space.

2. Small luxury house with sloped roof

The next inspiration for a small luxury house is a house with a sloping roof. Maybe you rarely see this type of house. However, you can copy this beautiful design. Use white wall paint to make the exterior of your small luxury house look more spacious.

3. All-White minimalist house

So, next, there is inspiration for a small luxury house that is all white and has a flat roof. In this house, you can see windows that look wide, allowing light to enter. Apart from that, with glass doors and good lighting, it can make this small luxury house look spacious and elegant.

4. 1 floor minimalist house

For those of you who are fans of shabby colors, you can use this reference for your small luxury home. Even though the land is narrow, this house still fits one car, you know! By choosing matching furniture, such as the guest chairs in front, this house looks very beautiful.

5. A small luxury house with a wooden accent

So, for those of you who want a different color, you can add wooden accents to the exterior of your house to add a luxurious impression to your small luxury home. Use house windows that are wide enough to save electricity during the day, as in the picture above.

That's the review, this time, regarding the design of a comfortable, luxurious small house. To add a luxurious and elegant impression to your home, you can use Magia granite from Magia Granite to beautify your home. Contact us further for more information. Hopefully, it's useful!

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