12 Best Luxury Porch Granite Models!

19 May 2024

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Luxurious house floors are usually adorned with materials that look fancy and shiny. One example is granite, a material perfect for application on the front porch of a luxurious house. Undoubtedly, it can be the best choice to create an elegant impression on the house's exterior.

In fact, granite is one of the floor materials widely used for luxurious houses, especially for the front porch. Granite floors have several advantages, from their sturdy durability and scratch resistance to beautifying the home and making it look elegant.

Nowadays, there are diverse granite motifs for the front porch floor and even the walls of luxurious houses. Not only plain motifs with solid colors but also granite motifs with beautiful, unique, and captivating patterns are available. It's no surprise that granite should be considered a terrace flooring material for your home. Read more to see the best material for your luxury home's granite front terrace!!

  1. Black Granite 

Your luxurious house floor design will become more beautiful if the porch area is adorned with unique, elegant, patterned black granite floors. Why black? The black color of the granite material is very neutral. It will create an impression of cleanliness for the front porch, making the exterior of your luxurious house look more beautiful.

Using black granite on the porch will create an elegant, calm atmosphere. It is easy to match with furniture such as chairs and tables or the color of your house. Moreover, black granite will harmonize with any wall color and is suitable for decorating with potted plants.



  1. Gray Granite

As time passes, luxurious house porch designs become more varied and venture into colors that are usually rarely used. For example, gray colored granite models. Gray granite gives a modern and classy impression, making the final result look exclusive. After all, gray is synonymous with simplicity. It is not too flashy and does not attract any unwanted attention, thus creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Juparana Delicatus Granite 

Juparana Delicatus Granite is a granite with a coarse-grained gray-yellow pattern. This granite can be internationally nominated as granite. Its splashes and colors vary, and small samples of Juparana Delicatus granite may only represent part of the slab because its pattern differs greatly.

According to granite sources, Juparana Delicatus granite is suitable for interior and exterior use, is frost-resistant, and has good constant polishing. Therefore, it is also ideal for use as a front porch material to make it look more luxurious. In addition to the front porch, Juparana Delicatus granite is suitable for various commercial and domestic construction projects, prefabricated countertops/worktops, vanity tables, tiles, backsplashes, paving, fireplaces, and memorials.

  1. Natural Pattern Granite

Next is a luxurious front porch granite model that you can use with natural colors like black or light gray pebbles. This natural pattern granite is versatile and can be combined with various types of furniture, whether classic, modern, or minimalist styles.

This natural granite model also has a rough texture but will be smooth when exposed to water. A good combination of this natural color granite terrace floor is a white wall with minimalist wooden accents that decorate the porch, making your luxurious house feel comfortable and homey.      







  1. Cream Granite

The color of the porch granite floor for the front of the house doesn't have to be dark; bright colors should also be considered. The use of bright colors can also enhance the appearance of your porch to make it look more cheerful. If white seems too extreme, you can choose cream granite.

In addition to being bright, cream-colored granite on your front porch also gives a warm impression, suitable for the front of the house that will first welcome guests. Combining it with other building materials can make the cream-colored granite porch look more elegant. However, you must choose high-quality flooring to withstand hot and cold weather. Avoid floors that are difficult to clean because of constant people passing by. 

  1. Granite Terrazzo

Do you want to create a porch area that looks fresh, luxurious, and natural? You could use terrazzo model granite for the front porch. This terrazzo model granite is usually used in minimalist houses while still looking luxurious. Terrazzo granite has various advantages when used as a porch floor.

When installed on the floor of the house, the terrazzo model granite and the natural and minimalist atmosphere will be even more pronounced. Not only that, the terrazzo model has the advantage of blending well with a pair of modern single-seat chairs in cream color. It is very suitable for those needing help deciding the floor area furniture. The recommended terrazzo floor granite model is suitable for your luxurious dwelling with a minimalist concept.

  1. Beige Granite with Taupe Accents

As previously known, one of the unique characteristics of granite is that it can look luxurious while providing a clean look. It is not an exception for the luxurious front porch that uses beige granite with the typical natural stone texture and taupe accents. This color is ravishing when combined with the exterior wall color and furniture on the porch. Not only is it beautiful, but it also gives a luxurious and aesthetic impression.

To make it more unique and not monotonous, you can decorate your porch with ornamental plants or flower pots or with a relaxing table and chairs that will add warmth to your already comfortable and granite-floored porch.


  1. Diamond Patterned Granite 

In addition to being elegant, you can also have a porch with a touch of chic. How? Add a diamond pattern accent to the granite porch. Choose a diamond color that is either darker or lighter than the primary granite color to make it look contrasting and eye-catching. It may seem simple, but details like a diamond pattern can be a significant differentiator.

A porch with a diamond-patterned granite model can also be applied to classically styled or even modern homes. Its appearance will make your home different from others. This spot can also be a favorite for guests because it is unique and pleasant.                                    

  1.  Silver Granite

Next, a granite model for those wondering which type of porch floor looks elegant and cool. You may install an outdoor granite porch with cool, minimalist colors like silver. Silver creates a modern, luxurious atmosphere while still looking fabulous. Not only that, the advantage of this silver-patterned granite porch is that it can blend with the surrounding environment. So, you can achieve a fresh, elegant, and calm impression for those who aspire to have a modern and minimalist granite porch.

  1.  Yellow Granite

A luxurious house installed with various types of granite with different colors and patterns will make the atmosphere distinguishable. For example, the color yellow. A porch with yellow-colored granite material will give a different concept from ordinary houses, like a touch of vintage accents or the presence of vintage items in your luxurious home area.

The house will feel more relaxed with the presence of a yellow-colored granite floor, conveying a warm, classic, and artistic impression. A luxurious minimalistic house with a vintage concept and full of antique items will become even more attractive with yellow-colored floor granite that enhances the atmosphere during weekends when gathering with a large family. The application of rough granite for the porch with a mix of antique items can also provide a sense of luxury for your residence. 

  1. Spotted Granite


Next, if you have a minimalist luxurious house and want to transform the porch area to look more immaculate and elegant, you can install coarse spotted granite for the front door porch. As for the color, you can adjust it to the house area, but with a minimalist style, gray, black, or cream colors can be the right choices.


Using granite flooring for the minimalist front porch can make a house that previously looked ordinary appear expensive and unique. It also has a luxurious and aesthetic impression. Nonetheless, you can use a gray-colored granite floor with spotted accents to make the house look more lively and cozy. 

  1. Topaz Granite

Topaz is a high-grade granite made in Indonesia widely used in building magnificent architecture domestically and internationally. Due to its superb quality, Topaz granite has become one of the leading choices as flooring in construction projects. You can choose this elegant granite if you are still determining which granite suits your house's base surface or wall best.

This granite is suitable as the front porch wall with elegant and neutral colors, making your luxurious house look even more remarkable. After all, granite floors with this color emphasize the natural pattern and can add aesthetics to a home.

Here are the models of the luxurious granite front porch that you can consider decorating the front of your house, where you welcome your esteemed guests. Decorate your front porch with these beautiful granites, making guests and even family visiting you feel comfortable. Remember, aesthetics, elegance, and luxury are good impressions, but the best impression is to make your front porch a comfortable spot in your home. 


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